Quick and Easy Back to School Recipes

Club Z! is dedicated to providing top notch educational and academic programs and services to students of all grade levels and ages. But we realize how much nutrition and other outside factors play a role in your child's well being. That's why we're sharing these great recipes from the Healthy Living and Taste sections of the Huffington Post for quick and easy (not to mention delicious!) recipes for breakfasts and dinners.


Some of our favorite dinner recipes include the chicken enchilada spaghetti, broccoli cheese casserole, and the corn and chicken chowder. Top picks from the breakfast recipes include strawberry, banana and almond butter smoothie and the dark chocolate oatmeal - yes, chocolate for BREAKFAST! What kid wouldn't thank you for that early morning treat (apologizing in advance teachers!)


These meals will help parents provide a healthy and nutritious balance for their children, without having to stress over the 'what to make for dinner tonight' conundrum. Bon appétit!