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French Tutor Lessons | Learn French from Top Tutors | Basic French Language Courses for Kids and Adults | Tutoring Help in French

Private French Tutor & Language Lessons

Whether you are taking French in school or want to learn the language for personal/business reasons, Club Z! has the French tutors you need. Our private, personalized tutoring will help you understand the basics of French and make sure your communication skills are correct. Each French tutor will focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses to ensure you fully grasp the French language. We will find the easiest and best way for you to learn French! Our tutors will educate on all aspects of the French language, including:

  • French Alphabet
  • French Spelling
  • French Numerals
  • French Grammar
  • French Vocabulary
  • Common French Phrases
  • French Pronunciation
  • French Phonology
  • French Orthography
  • French Dialects

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Are you visiting France on vacation? Don't just learn how to say hello in French, get a tutor that will teach everything from basic French lessons to an intensive French language course, all in the privacy of your own home. Our skilled French tutors will teach you useful phrases and techniques that are unique to the French language. Don't miss out on the full experience out of a trip to France because you don't understand their language!

We can also assist French speakers with preparation for the TOEFL exam

Club Z! French Tutors are:

  • Passionate About Your Education
  • Personality Matched to Each Client
  • Selected for Their Expertise in Each Subject

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