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Each year, as parents get ready to send their little one off to kindergarten, they begin to wonder if their child is really ready to start school. For many parents, preparing their child for school is easier said than done because they aren't sure where to start. A good way to get kids ready for kindergarten is to find a K-prep program that is geared toward doing just that. Club Z! Tutoring offers the following benefits with our kindergarten prep program:

  • Fun Educational Activities for Preschoolers
  • A Focus on Early Childhood Development
  • Proven Results compared to Standard Preschool
  • Private, One on One Tutoring for your Child
  • Both Visual and Auditory Learning
  • Excellent with Pre-K Math, Reading & Science
  • Dedicated to Kindergarten Readiness

Let your Child enter Kindergarten with Confidence!

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Club Z!s proprietary Kindergarten readiness program, Let the Learning Begin™, provides one-on-one instruction in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Our premier kindergarten prep program offers preparation tools for social and emotional development, as well as motor, cognitive and language skills development. These tools and more are taught by educational professionals with a passion for teaching.

Club Z! Kindergarten Prep Tutors are:

  • Passionate About Your Education
  • Personality Matched to Each Client
  • Selected for Their Expertise in Each Subject
  • Chosen from your Area

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Private, In-Home, One-on-One Tutors are proven to be the best turoring method. Math Tutors, Reading Tutors, Writing Tutors, you name the subject, we have a private tutor for you.
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July 21, 2016
Club Z! test prep programs include everything from our highly sought after and extremely effective...
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